Laboratory of Nanostructure Physics

Welcome to the Laboratory of Nanostructure Physics.
We are involved in a variety of research aimed at integrating and combining top-down and bottom-up phenomena. Currently, we are investigating the following major topics:

Prof.Ishibashi majors in condensed matter experiments and he is conducting an experimental research.
Especailly, he studies "CUSP" which is mini-clean room and Si-based Solar cells.

Associate Prof.Kondo majors in condensed matter theory and he is conducting a theoretical research on spintronics.
Especially, he studies topological materials such as topological insulators, skyrmions, and Weyl semimetals etc.
(Summary of Theoretical Group's Work NEW!)

(1) Research in spin quantum cross structure devices in an effort to explore the fundamental physics of spintronics devices, which are being eyed as potential next-generation (post-CMOS) devices (theory) (details).

(2) Research in novel photoelectric conversion devices in an effort to achieve a high level of photoelectric conversion efficiency (details).

We are also conducting theoretical research (so-called Condensed Mattet Theory) in parallel with experiments.

(3) From the standpoint of theory, we calculate the transport characteristics of quantum cross structure devices (details 1, details 2) using Anderson Hamiltonian and WKB approximation.

(4) We are also pursuing methods for calculating the electron structures of many-body electron systems with low-order dimensions at a high level of precision (details 1, details 2).

In this way, we aim to arrive at universal explanations for physical phenomena by approaching them from both experimental and theoretical standpoints.
We welcome laboratory tours and visits at any time and encourage interested individuals to get in touch with our staff.
Please see here for entrance examination information.

Information for graduate students interested in applying for admission in the 2013 academic year

Although our laboratory is located at the Research Institute for Electronic Science, organizationally we belong to the Department of Condensed Matter Physics.
Students may become affiliated with our laboratory while drafting their graduation thesis during their fourth year of study in the School of Science's Department of Physics.

Master's and doctoral program students who are interested in conducting research at our laboratory should refer to the information below and pass the entrance examination administered by the Department of Condensed Matter Physics.

See here for more information about application deadlines, when examinations are offered, when results are announced, and other topics related to entrance examinations.


Laboratory of Nanostructure Physics
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